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The Nu-Gen company offers carpet cleaning services. We have been serving Lake County IL for over 20 years, maintaining an affordable price level for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. We are always happy to provide quick and qualitative solutions to our customers.
There is carpet flooring in almost every home and office, and a lot of people walk through them every day, bringing dust and dirt on their shoes. It goes deep into the pile, making the carpet unpresentable and unsafe to the health. A dirty coating is an excellent environment for the vital function of ticks and pathogenic bacteria. The best way to deal with dirt is a professional deep carpet cleaning!

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Effective service using modern detergents and equipment
Services are provided by experienced professionals
Reasonable price for any type of processing of coating
Reasonable price for any type of processing of coating
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Carpet Cleaners

Upon the request of the client, we can additionally carry out the deodorization of the carpet and antistatic treatment. A competent combination of dry and wet methods allows us to achieve impressive results. Our professionals use cleaning agents that do not damage the structure of the fabric. All work is carried out with an extremely careful attitude to interior items.
We are committed to providing discounted carpet cleaning to make our service affordable for everyone. Order a professional carpet cleaning at Nu-Gen cleaning and restoration in Lake.
Our team of specialists is using modern powerful equipment and safe chemicals to completely remove stubborn dirt, dust, and tough stains.

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Stages of carpet cleaning work:
• The first stage is vacuum cleaning of the carpet. For this, a special vibrating brush is used. It removes coarse particles, dust, and dry waste including sand and pets‘ hairs. This step also removes specific contaminants like chewing gum. To get rid of them, specialists use special solutions.
• After the carpet is presoaked. For these purposes, we use a professional chemical composition for working with persistent dirt. It allows for achieving an excellent cleaning result.
• The next stage is dry cleaning with a rotor. Our carpet cleaners use wash wheels, shampoo brushes, or extractor machines. Even stubborn or old dirt can be removed using these technologies.
• The final step is to remove the remaining cleaning agent. This involves rinsing the carpet with plain water. It can be conditioned that helps to avoid static effects and also refreshes the color of the carpet.

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Our Other Services:

Water Damage Restoration

We can remove harmful consequences of water damage with our water damage restoration service. We have years of experience in helping people with flooding restoration and water remediation of their homes and offices.

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

We can find and remove all the mold, remove all traces and ensure that there is no potential for new growth.

Sewage Clean Up

Sewage contamination is extremely dangerous, as it can contain numerous forms of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

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